Eine Sportlerin spielt Faustball

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus


As seemingly small and initially unknown as the world's oldest ball sport might be, the joy derived from the sport is equally immense and emotional. Whether students or seniors, recreational or competitive athletes, everyone engages in "fisting" with growing enthusiasm. Fistball is played across all age groups, from children to seniors, and is therefore considered a so-called "lifetime sport." It is a striking game in which the ball is hit with the arm or fist. 

Fistball is a fair sport, devoid of physical contact and with only a low risk of injury. The game is particularly characterized by its dynamics, athleticism, and artistry, combining elements of competition and elegance. The emphasis on fun, enjoyment of the game, and sociability among participants is never overlooked. Opposing teams face each other in a five-on-five format, on the sports field during the summer and indoors in the winter. They are separated by a ribbon that divides the 20 x 50-meter playing field into two team sections. 

Although considered part of the gymnastics sports within the DTB (German Gymnastics Federation), the league operations are independently organized by the German Fistball League (DFBL). Fistball boasts a participation of over 40,000 people in Germany. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Cup Tournament (men’s, women’s, mixed)  
Leisure Tournament 



Registration is possible in all competitions. 


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